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Introducing an immersive, playful and engaging cross-curriculum platform for schools. An entirely new real-world science engagement toolkit for schools into totally different STEAM. eSteam makes obvious the best of your school linking revolutionary outdoor sensors, design and creative space – from class-room to community.

From mid-2018
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We are passionate about integrating Real-World IoT and STEAM into students’ everyday experiences at school.
We are all about connection, linking sensors to learning spaces and making connections in the community and other countries.
We are helping schools shape the minds of the next generation of thinkers.

Engaging – Real-World IoT

Kids don’t often get access to real-world tech, making it harder to connect with and understand their world. Now there is an accessible way to bring the Internet of Things into their world – at their scale. In a way that kids can relate to, understand and even help build and maintain.

You will have access to a school Dashboard that will:

– Connect you to sensor technology
– Connect you to local events
– Connect you to the world

STEAM – Real World Curricula

Endless possibilities for student engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. We provide smart furniture that provides sensors and school pride. Connecting a host of sensors including:

– UV
– air quality
– waste
with secondary/primary school curricula – from classroom to playground. Showing students how their world works in their immediate environment.

Linking STEAM with Technology

Endless Possibilities for Student Engagement


Chemistry, Biology, Physics – energy curriculum (solar/UV, electronics), biological sensors for pollen


Electrical engineering – putting it together, IoT, LoRaWan, Communication protocols
Computer science – lots of coding, for instance the Dashboard will include: – recommender system for international school integration – environmental measurement including air quality maps and local emissions data for parental behaviour change (ie no idling in school car parks)


Making the sensor arrays, 3D modelling of waste sensor housings and checking the mechanical workings of the unit


– Media art creation for school event promotion
– Social/ethical aspect – health, security (emergency response)
– Environmental impact


Algorithm development: optimisation/recommender, energy calculations, Dashboard updates

Our Features

These are some of the services that we will offer to install and rollout in your schools – technology, applications, toolkits and incursions.

Temp and UV

Helping kids identify the difference between temperature and UV. When levels rise our smart bins light up with colour coding to show low, medium and high UV ratings. This data can then be monitored with our smart online dashboard.

Cancer Council message


This collaboration between the fun and clever app ‘What3words’ and your ‘Pulse’ bins teach students about location finding, geography, app technology and mapping schools around the world.

What3words promo

ISS light base and dashboard

The Global Smart Kids Dashboard is a central hub of technology, a point of data monitoring and learning. Used with the ‘light base’ option, the bin base pulses with light when the ISS flies over head.

Rain levels

Rain gauge sensors on the bins help to track local and global rainfall measurements. Data collected aids in educating students in science and biology, environmental patterns and water conservation.

Waste level

Waste Sensing tech can be used to measure rubbish levels and send an alert when bins need emptying. Educate students through the Dashboard to build and implement useful app to help with your school’s ‘war on waste’.

Sharing info between schools

The sharing of information between schools is important in building a cooperative environment, enabling students to build confidence in collating and sharing data with groups.

Sponsor another school

A more privileged school has the ability to fund a less fortunate school, gifting them smart tech and Dashboard technology. Interactions between these schools aids in building intelligence in diversity and other cultures.

Incursion programs

With a handpicked team of educational and technological experts, we offer a variety of excellent incursion options.  Jump onboard and make your school a front runner in the real-world IoT and STEAM movement.


Check Out Our Cool Projects

Coming soon a range of toolkits for your schools.

Waste Sensing Kit (DIY)


10 in 1 Sensor Kit


LED Neon Kit (DIY)


Local History (Coding)


Drone Kit (High School)


Car Kit (Primary School)


Tin Can Cable Car


Learning Kit (DIY)


Our Incursion Team

We are working with world class leaders of STEAM and education to implement our technology in Australian schools, helping to empower and educate students to become better global citizens. Talk to us about organising an informative incursion with your school.

Darren is a doctor of public health systems in exercise physiology and has worked as part of the ‘Science café’ through Scitech. An exciting initiative to teach kids about Science and coding.

Dr Darren Webb
Director @ Webble Guys

A specialist in agricultural science and technology. He is working on great new ways of combining technology with livestock production, moving towards enhanced global food security and sustainability.

Dr Dean Thomas
senior research scientist @ CSIRO Agriculture

Loretta is an expert in her field of education, specialising in content creation. She has developed some exciting new approaches to STEAM based education both in and out of the classroom, including the ‘Tree Tribe’ and the ‘Leafology’ programs.

Loretta Luxford
Steam education specialist

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